How old is too old for a child to have some kind of ‘security blanket’?

I know that every child is different so I’m just looking for opinions. Is a 5 year old too old for a blanket? She doesn’t ~need~ the blanket, she doesn’t fall apart with out it or anything but it does offer her some security and comfort, especially on her trips away from home (with her weekends with her dad or with her grandparents) At what age do I lovingly tell her "Ok, enough with the blanket, it’s time to get rid of it"?

I’m definitely an oldie and we still take our pillows from home when we go away, probably not very different

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  1. MusicFanatic101 says:

    THe faster you do it the easier it will be from both of you. If you let her have it longer, she’ll grow too attached to it. and it will be nearly impossible to get it away. So id say any time soon!
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  2. mommy says:

    let him or her decide. Some people have security things as adults.. don’t push him.. let him pick his pace in life
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  3. o says:

    If it’s not causing a problem what’s the problem. Your child must go away to visit her father, If I had to do that when I was 5 I would want something to bring with me that reminded me of my Mom.
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  4. Ralfcoder says:

    It’s not a big deal. She’ll eventually outgrow it on her own if you let her. If you really want to, talk with her and tell her that the blanket needs a rest, so when she goes to grandma’s, you’ll take care of it and be sure it gets quiet time, just like she needs now and then.

    But at 5, it’s not a big deal. I think she’ll outgrow the need for it in a year or so any way. Once she sees other kids at school don’t have one, peer pressure will help her get over it quickly.
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  5. bearbrain says:

    No you don’t.
    And you don’t worry about it either.
    She’ll decide for herself and when she’s ready it wont be a big thing for her.But by making it an unnecessary issue now you could be heading for a needless conflict.
    It’s doing neither her nor anyone else harm.If she’s happy let it be.
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  6. txharleygirl1 says:

    I’d say 3 is too old. I told my son his blankie went to heaven because it got sick. I replaced the blnket with a small toy
    car. The car is called Beep Beep. It goes every where with my son. Much easier to pack than a blanket and a lot easier to explain to friends.
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  7. da rinse mode says:

    I’m definitely an oldie and we still take our pillows from home when we go away, probably not very different
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  8. Sacagawea_Fan says:

    Let your child decide when she doesn’t want it anymore. I had a stuffed mouse I slept with until I was 25. I even took it with me when I joined the Army… now it has a position of honor on my bookshelf.
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  9. xoxomystic says:

    I don’t think it’s a problem to still have it at 5. I would just tell her that blankie only goes some places, like places she’ll be going overnight. My son knows his blankie can go in the car with him anywhere, but it waits in the car while we’re shopping/whatever. When he gets out I make sure to let him say "bye bye blankie be back soon" and that seems to make him happy. Just a suggestion.
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  10. melissa s says:

    if you were talking about a bottle or pacifier there does come a time but let her have her blanky it isn’t hurting anyone, like you said she doesn’t fall apart, if you go some where nice just tell her not tonight
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  11. C says:

    I think that she should decide for herself especially if she is fine without it when she goes to school or other places where it isn’t appropriate.
    There is a book by Kevin Henkes called Owen that is about a little boy and his blanket that is great.
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  12. toomanycommercials says:

    My seven year old still has a security blanket that she sleeps with and takes on overnight trips; her cousin just took hers to college with her this year! I don’t think she sleeps wtih it but she wants it nearby. I do start limiting the blankie’s availability as they get older; for example we still take my baby’s special blankie with us everywhere, like if he’s going to the church nursery, but my three year old has to leave hers home.
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  13. patzlee says:

    The only time that security objects are a real problem is when the child would rather have the blanet constantly instead of human contact. Having a healthy attachment to a blanket like your daughter is perfectly normal.

    Your daughter likes the familiarity of the scents, and textures of her blanket when she is away.
    You could read the childrens book "Something From Nothing" (sorry I can’t think of the author)
    it’s about changing the security blanket from a blanet to all different things until there is just nothing left of it. This will help the process of breaking the attachment(which is also healthy for emotional development) in a caring and child sensative way.

    Please remember that if your daughter is benefiting from the blanket(like at dad’s house, and at grandparents’ houses) then it is important to her, and the more sensitive you are to her need the better.

    Good Luck!
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  14. justme says:

    My daughter is 14 and will still dig out her pink blanket from her infant years and sleep with it sometimes. It’s just warm and fuzzy and she likes the feel of it. I don’t mind because it was a blanket her grandmother gave her as a baby and she died before my daughter was 2.( I have my favorite blanket on my couch but I don’t take it with me!) Let her keep it as long as she wants, it might be forever.
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  15. Marilyn E says:

    As long as she is not dragging it everywhere she goes and it is not dirty and raggedy, let her have it as long as she wants it. You say she takes it when she goes away from home. I would think that something that gives her security at those times would be a good thing.

    For the record, one of my daughters had a "blanky" until she was about 9. She only had it when she slept. She took it with her to sleepover camp and lost it there.

    We expect kids to grow up and give up their security "things" way too soon. At some point, she will decide that she does not want it any more. As long as it does not interfere with her life, let her have it.
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  16. heidi3332 says:

    I don’t think you’re ever too old for a security blanket! As long as she doesn’t HAVE to have it all day every day I think it’s a perfectly normal attachment. Please don’t take it away from her. She clearly loves the blanket and it gives her comfort. Taking it away can only make her sad and confused. She’ll most likely grow out of her need for it on her own and if she doesn’t, who cares?
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